In the process of settling in and unpacking we discovered that we needed a few pieces of furniture to compliment … More

On things small and large

The French definitely have different priorities than we Americans do.  The cars are positively dinky.  This is actually a Mercedes, … More

Look ma, no spam!

The cars around here take a beating.  The combination of narrow twisty little streets and crazy French drivers leads to … More


I have a confession to make.  I used to take great amusement looking at the advertisements for Alaska vacations because … More

Our Stuff

The truck with our container was waiting outside our door when we arrived at the house at 7am yesterday.  Thank … More

Getting back to Normal

This is my home stereo these days.  Amazing how much sound a battery-powered mini speaker and an iPod can actually … More

Public Transit

There is a bus stop about a block and a half from our house.  During the day the bus runs … More

As Seen Around Town

I thought I’d post some pictures we’ve taken around town and during our Easter drive out through the countryside.  In … More