The WC

I couldn’t decide whether to write this post or not but in the end I just had to comment.  Just … More

The Black Cathedral

The Black Cathedral stands in the heart of old-town Clemont-Ferrand.  The official name is Cathedrale Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption de Clermont-Ferrand.  The whole … More

Grouffre de Padirac

When we took off for Rocamadour last weekend we didn’t have a hotel reservation but we took an overnight bag … More


Rocamadour, our first road trip in Europe, was seriously cool!

Virtual tour

This post is mostly for family and friends curious about what a (fairly new) home in France looks like. In … More


I think McDonald’s here is trying to give Starbucks (which isn’t here) a run for their money.  There is a … More

Life is good!

Two things happened this weekend that greatly enhanced our quality of life.  First, at 11:15 on Friday night I received … More


Last Tuesday was yet another French holiday.  I think this one was for WW II VE day but I’m not … More

Scavenger hunt

Someone asked me the other day “how is France?”  After I thought about it for a bit I realized that … More

Much ado about Nothing

This post doesn’t really have a central point.  I had a number of small thoughts and photos that didn’t really … More