Snow day (or two)

It wasn’t winter storm Nemo but we did finally get some white stuff here in Clermont-Ferrand last week.  The temperature stayed lower, the moisture came in, and the Puy-de-Dome volcanic cone just west of town actually got a respectable snowfall over the course of two or three days.

Winter Picnic

Saturday we decided to give Sarah’s new sled a good shake-down trial so we packed our lunches and some hot drinks and drove 20 minutes up the mountain to a trailhead with a plowed parking lot and a pretty nice sledding hill.

Hill full of sleds

We had made arrangements to meet some other expat families and we arrived about 1pm (right in the middle of lunch-time).  At first we pretty much had the place to ourselves – but that soon changed!  By 3pm the parking lot was mostly full and the slope was hopping with kids, parents, sleds of all shapes and sizes, and dogs.

Kate's trusty runner sled

The snow was nice and powdery fresh and Kate even got a few quality runs in on her childhood runner sled.  A little wax on the runners and it still ran great.

Expat snow cave

Down by the parking area some of the dads dug out a large snow cave and the kids had a big time playing in it.  Sarah played until she could hardly crawl back in the car and pronounced the trip a complete success.

Snow at home

Sunday morning we even got a few inches at the house and I even got a pretty nice picture of the chapel where the Christ Church Clermont services are held.  All in all a nice change of scenery and we all enjoyed it.

Chapel in the snow


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