About those pictures…

Hi again.  So, if you’ve been surfing around the newly re-hosted WordPress version of EuroSplat you may have noticed by now that the pictures embedded in the posts did not import correctly.  I didn’t realize this until the original EuroSplat.Com site had expired and was shut down by the hosting company.  Before that, when you viewed a picture (unbeknownst to me) you were looking at the image from a link to the original site.  So when it was shut down all the links broke.

It appears there are two separate problems.  Problem 1 is the links back to the original picture locations.  Problem 2 is that only a partial set of the pictures got migrated to the new WordPress site.  It appears that in almost every post some of the pictures were imported and some were not.  No idea why except that the export/import tool obviously still has a few bugs…

The fix?  I tried to find a way to bulk edit/search/replace but it doesn’t appear to be working.  So I’ll be editing every single picture in every single post and fixing them.  It won’t happen overnight – heck there are over 100 posts – but I’ll get to them as I can.  Probably in reverse order from when they were written, so newest ones first and older ones later.  My apologies, hope it isn’t too much of an annoyance.


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