About EuroSplat

Welcome to EuroSplat.  We’re glad you stopped in!  We’re the Palmers – Jeff, Katie, and Sarah.  We’re from Greenville, South Carolina, USA.  This site was set up as a place to record and share our experiences as we explore Europe during a three-year expat assignment with Michelin for Katie .  We’re on a mission to wear out at least one full set of luggage in the next 36 months!  The goal for our blog is to post updates at least weekly with plenty of pictures of Europe’s best, worst, and most bizarre.

What’s that?  The name?  Well, it really doesn’t mean much of anything in particular.  We were looking for something short and easy to remember and this domain was available and seemed to fit the character of what we were trying to do.  MyEuroAdventure was taken and MyFrenchCullinaryNightmare just seemed too long to type…

We invite you to have a look around, drop us a comment, and check back often!

Palmers exploring Rocamadour
Palmers exploring Rocamadour

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