So Long, Farewell, Adieu

The French don’t really say “adieu”.  At least, not unless they’re at a funeral.  The French meaning is a very … More

City of Light

By now everyone knows what happened the evening of 11/13/15 in Paris.  We’ve watched as the bodies were removed and … More

Clermont Miscellanea

The Auvergne region (similar to a state in the US) has been getting a lot of good tourist press lately.  … More

Encore Provence

We used up one of our last long May weekends for a return to Provence.  Not because we hadn’t been … More

Rugby? What’s a Rugby??

Well, after three years of living in the shadows of the Stade Marcel Michelin rugby stadium, home of the Clermont-Ferrand … More

He Went to Paris

He went to Paris….. Yes, I know its cliché, but the title was a must for this quick (albeit late) … More

Silly Road Trips

While we were touring Normandy we came across a scallop festival (no kidding, see the post) in a small coastal … More